Connealy Angus Sale Results

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Aug 7, 2007
They had a great sale, was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the bulls, prices, and the program in general. I watched the sale live, and have all prices, i could not find a list on the intenet and don't have time to write them all down lol. If you want to know any specific lot prices PM me, or post it on here.

Here is just a little info that i got from the API Sale Ring...

Top Bull:Lot 409–Connealy I87 4, 3-18-06 bull by KMK Alliance 6595 I87. To ABS Global, DeForest, WI, Southern Cattle Co., Marianna, FL, and Knoll Crest Farm, Red House, VA, for $100,000.

Lot 134–Connealy 568 472, 1-23-07 bull by Connealy Product 568. To Cherry Knoll Farm, West Grove, PA, for $40,000.

Lot 51–Connealy Answer 568B, 1-13-07 bull by S A V Final Answer 0035. To Genex Cooperative, Inc., Shawano, WI, and TC Ranch, Franklin, NE, for $30,000.

Lot 113–Connealy 5398 3774, 2-2-07 bull by Connealy Danny 5398. To Riverbend Farm, Danville, KY, for $22,500.

Lot 283–Connealy Net Worth 557, 1-28-07 bull by S A V Net Worth 4200. To Flesch Angus, Shelby, MT, for $20,000.

Lot 171–Connealy Cowboy 595, 1-13-07 bull by Connealy Cowboy. To David Nichols, Chambers, NE, for $17,000.

Lot 331–Connealy Admiral 3359, 2-3-07 bull by Woodhill Admiral 77K. To Grunewaldt Angus, Miranda, SD, for $16,000.

Lot 49–Connealy Answer 5613B, 1-1-07 bull by S A V Final Answer 0035. To Select Sires Inc., Plain City, OH, for $15,000.

Top Open Cow: Lot X–Pick of the Dams. To Three Trees Ranch, Sharpsburg, GA, for $35,000.

Lots Gross Average
62 older bulls $386,500.00 $6,234.00
342 yrlg. bulls $1,585,500.00 $4,636.00
404 Total Bulls $1,972,000.00 $4,881.00
404  Total Registered Live Lots $1,972,000.00 $4,881.00
405 Reported Sale Total $2,007,000.00 $4,956.00

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

sorry about the mis-alignment. :)))