Dumb limi calves....genetic??

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Jan 28, 2007
I have one fullblood limi cow that is a '92 model. She has raised nice calves every year bred to angus or gelv bulls.
Last year I bred her to a limi bull and she had a dumb calf....no nursing reflex, etc...I tubed it for 5 weeks until it died. Never did act right, nor did it ever nurse/suck. DL might be able to help with the heart defect we thought it had (DL- its the calf I sent you the heart on!)
Thinking it was a freak deal...I bred her again to the same bull (a herd bull). She calved 2 days ago, and the calf acts the EXACT same way....doesn't want to nurse/suck, doesn't bawl. So now I am tubing her. And am pretty sure she isn't going to make it either.  :'(
So my question: Is there something genetic that this might be?
I am unsure of her complete pedigree but I think her sire is Cane Ridge Spirit? And the herd bull is a Cole Magnum X Guardian Cow.
I guess I am just going to sell the cow, but thought this was a bit of a coincidence.....any thoughts??? ???
My other cows have no trouble with this herd bulls calves  (cows are angus, gelv, )
My other limi ('96 model) is not a fullblood, and has no trouble with the bulls calves.
HELP me solve this PLEASE!!


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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Show Hef, I don't know Limi genetics but the few Limi's we've had were flat out crazy. Nephews tried to show a few of the calves as steers & they had problems.
We've had some Maine cows that seem to pass stupid along as a trait. Wonder if that can be put in the EPD's? The stupid factor? Or maybe that's the next gene for Dr B & Barrel Racer to test for? Stupidity?
Good luck, hope you don't loose this one too. You've had a year!


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