gate latches

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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
gate latch not pulled tight to help see how it works.

the smaller chain has a keeper on it in case the chain falls of the lever and it won't have to be re-threaded back through posts.

all gates on the place are like this.

ranch, >10k acres

all the water troughs are entirely fed by multiple spring sites you can see evidence of with trees in the background and other areas.

pressure exceeds 100psi and entire ranch is gravity fed. tanks periodically allowed to overflow to water trees.

ranchers are selling out after 50+ years. not sure who had it before them but phil stadtler may have had it, leased it. he was big time in this area.

all the other ranches in the area use wells and are not even remotely as well cross fenced and watered.

all fencing is sheep fencing as the area was predominantly sheep country till that went away.

they run about 300 mother cows on the place. it obviously doesn't rain much there so they always kept a lot of feed in reserve.  they are too old now to irrigate some of the fields they had for calving, hay, and other crops. when water was "super plentiful", i.e., shallow, a lot of alfalfa was grown in the area till the water ran out, which also caused the river to run dry and be seasonal which it mostly has been since about 30-40 years ago so there are no steelhead anymore.

kind of a neat place.


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