Great for checking cows and fence

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Apr 19, 2007
My younger brother is saving up for a 4 wheeler, so he is trying to sell his 3 wheelers. Both are Honda ATC 110s one is a 1985 and the other is 1983. Both run and drive good, the 1983 needs a little carb tuning. Brand new tires on the 1985, along with a trunk and a toolkit mounted underneath. We put 2 or 3 hours on them both today, so we know for a fact that they are running and driving bikes. Now here is the cattle related part...we use them all the time to check cows and fence lines. They are small enough to be easily maneuvered (sp?) but they are powerful enough to haul us around, we are both around the 250lb range and either one of the bikes will go fairly quick with us on them. He is asking $900 for the pair of them. They are located in Ohio and we are willing to help get them to you, but cannot ship them.


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