Had a great week off..got to meet Cowboy!

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Jan 10, 2007
Hi everybody!

I disappeared for a week....wasn't around a computer for a long time...had some steerplanet withdrawal!!!

Got to stop by and visit the famous (or is that infamous) Cowboy and his great family!  What fun!  He is quite the gracious host as he slaved over a BBQ and smoker to put on quite a rib feast for my family!  Thank you, Cowboy, and it was really great to meet you!!!

We as a group are going to have to plan more of these get togethers!

My youngest son and I went tent camping and fishing in the mountains of southern Colorado......froze our keisters off....but saw bears and fish and had a great time.

Time to get back home and get back to work!  How has the summer been going for your families?


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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
Cowz, sounds like great fun! I've heard Cowboy is one of the best!
All is fine here. We got some of the breeder's links up! If your isn't turn it into Jason.
I weaned calves yesterday so my ears are ringing. We got 0.4" of rain but will take all we can!
Everything else has been fine, except we missed your wacky sense of humor!


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