Hair, what do do?

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Jul 30, 2007
My steer has red, looks like dead hair, on him. What do you all do to get rid of this, clip it, dye it, or something?


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Mar 25, 2008
It depends on what you have coming up for the calf.
-If you have a show to go to soon or in the next couple months, I would try and keep it. This means you want to keep as much hair in the calf as possible so your daily tactics need to change. You would need to rinse him no more than every other day and do not use a blower on him. Brush his hair forward and put him under fans for an hour or so after you rinse him. Leave him wet! I know it sounds dumb because water traps haet and all that b.s. but trust me it keeps the hair alive longer. It is pivotal to not overwork the hair or else it will come out for sure. Then, dye his hair a day or so before you need to show him.

-If you do not have to show him until july/august or so, take that dead hair out. Rinse him and blow him completely dry early in the morning and make sure he is completely dry. Then, load him up with final bloom all over his body, use a can or two.. do not be timid. Then, kick him outside under the sun all day and bring him inside that night and grill brick him for a while getting all that dead hair out. Then, rinse him and put him under fans wet for the night. Repeat this same drill for another day or two and you will have all his dead hair out then its back to business as usual and just keep rinsing and brushin until you have urself a new fresh haircoat.


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