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Jun 24, 2020
We have a steer that weighs 960lbs. We have 30 days To gain about 100 more pounds. We currently have him on 30lbs feed daily (16%) fed twice a day and using power fuel. Is it possible to gain that amount in a short time?


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Mar 5, 2007
Yes it is possible and if he is eating that amount of feed daily he should do it somewhat easily. If his feed conversion is 8 lbs of feed per pound of gain that would make him gain 3.75lbs per day X 30 = 112.5lbs of gain. I would not start changing anything at this point because IMO you'll have a good chance of throwing him off feed and you don't want that at this juncture. You'll need to be aware of shrink at weigh in time though. You may want to hold him off water for a short time before weigh in and make sure to fill him up before hitting the scale. Water him at home in a bucket several days before weigh in so that he gets use to drinking from a bucket. You may want to bring water from home to water him with because he's use to that water. Good luck !!