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Apr 24, 2007
We are getting ready to AI and we have one cow left to deside who to breed to. She is a large frame appendix shorthorn, structurely sound, great maternal traits, good muscle, and bone. This will be her second calf. First calf was 86lbs no problems. I would like ot down size her a little. This is my sons cow and he is thinking Paddy O'Mally. Does he down size at all? Any opther suggestions. She is out of a Trump grandson CF Tiger and her dam is a CHI Angus.


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Mar 6, 2007
Well, if it was my cow, I would either breed her to Perfect Timing (PB Shorthorn, full sib to X Ray, but defect free), or Hoosier Hot Shot (Mainetainer, out of Calberta Hustler).  I have had good luck with both bulls, and they do throw a little bit smaller of a calf.  Perfect Timing threw an awesome front end bred to a Sonny cow (known for a little heavier front), and the calf is as good as any I've raised.  Hoosier Hot Shot will put a little more front in them, but he sure does make them stout and sound.  He is one of the most impressive "clubby" bulls out there. He is gentle as a kitten, and looks awesome on just pasture even after covering 40 cows.  He is also as sound as any bull out there, I challenge someone to find one more sound that can throw as "clubby" of calves.

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