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May 6, 2007
We are selling our entire purebred herd except our Augusta Pride and Quantum Gal donors, my sons cows and our 2006 and 2007 heifer calves. There are 19 cows. Our herd contains many breed leading donors and outstanding cow families. We are in no way dispersing or getting out of the shorthorn breed. Our ET program has simply allowed us to get to the point where we feel comfortable rebuilding with the outstanding genetics that we have acquired over the last ten years. We feel this would be an outstanding opportunity for starting a new program or strengthening an established one. We are selling the cows at the Missouri State Sale on March, 8. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 785.249.9565.

Charles Anderson, Anderson Farms

Here is a list of the cows and some brief footnotes

1 .CCS AUGUSTA FANCY- RED- SEP. 29, 1995, 3972575
Sire: Waukaru Chaps
Dam: SS Augusta Fancy Free
Former lead donor at Armstrong Farms and dam of Armstrong A Fancy, Sr. Champion Female at Louisville a few years ago. Has been an outstanding donor for us. Bob Durham bought a flush out of her and the resulting offspring were sale features for him.
2.  STZ CECILY – ROAN-  MAR. 5, 1996, 3969030
Sire: CHS Private Property
Dam: STZ Bettsy Ann 191
Her first calf for us was Res. Division to the Champion Female at the 2001 Jr. Nationals       
3.  WOODLAND DREAM GIRL 710 ET- RWM- MAY 19, 1997,
Sire: Improver 57
Dam: AF RDS Dream Girl 04 ET
TH Free daughter of 57 and dam of Bern-a-Dale Eagle One
4.  MILLVALE ROSE-RED- APR. 13, 1997 , 3982205
Sire: Millvale Stampede 3120
Dam: Millvale Rose 3047
A powerhouse cow we bought from Bob a few years ago at the Revival and has been flushed twice.
5.  MISS SNOWHITE- WHITE -MAY 2, 1998, 3995214
Sire: Double Stuff
Dam: Mill Brook Cherub 89
6. ML OKIE 875-RWM-MAY 7, 1998, 3999203
Sire: Blue Gate High Hope
Dam: ML Okies Dream
A cow we bought from Marty Loving. Was always Lawrence Grathwohl’s favorite cow.
7. HERES MY HEART-ROAN-OCT. 8, 1999, 4016154
Sire: Shadybrook Lord 78G
Dam: JA 18 Hearts
8. MARTHA 901-R/W-MAR. 25, 1999, 4028365
Sire: CF Trump
Dam: SWF Martha Florance
Trump daughter out of a Dividend cow. She needs to be in a donor program.
9. ROAN MODEL –ROAN-APR. 15, 2000, 4028062
Sire: UB DTR Junior Walker
Dam: DH Roan Model
This female was shown very successfully by Deertrail Ranch. Her 2006 heifer is a barn burner and will be the cornerstone of our rebuilding process.
10. PARTY GIRL 03 –ROAN-FEB. 1, 2000, 4019075
Sire: Woodland Coach
Dam: GFS Party Girl 8077
Sire: Armstrong Gold
Dam: Armstrong Primavera L108
A Gold daughter out of Major Leagues dam. Goes back to Waukaru’s Prima Donna Cow Family.
12. CIC CASSY-R/W-APR. 3, 2001, 4053622
Sire: MCF Warhorse
Dam: KL Cassandra 88th
13. LGS Cool Breeze
Sire: RHF Magnum
Dam: LGS Sunshine
Sunshine was the greatest cow Lawerence ever had. Her first calf sold to Royal Trio and WHR.
14. MILLVALE STAR BABY-ROAN-MAY 5, 2004, 4084468
Sire: AR SU LU Ote
Dam: Melbar MVF Star Baby 3654
THC. Another outstanding Revival purchase from Bob Miller. This female could develop into a donor. The Star Baby’s are Bob’s best.
15. CIC AUGUSTA PRIDE 510R ET- ROAN-FEB. 25, 2005, 4117835
Sire: WHR RT Rodeo Augustus 2111
Dam: SS Augusta Pride 3112
Sired by the Louisville Champ and out of our lead donor. This female has one of the most unique pedigrees in the breed with Augusta Pride coming from both sides.
16. K’S MARTHA 038-ROAN-May 3, 2000, 4030733
Sire: SC Irish Mark
Dam: SWF Martha Florence
Maternal sister to the cow listed above. We wanted to buy a Martha cow and couldn’t decide which so we bought them both.
17. K’S MARIE 822- R/W-JAN. 23, 1998, 3996322
Sire: AKF Monopoly
Dam: AKF Marie 122
We are retaining her two 2006 heifer calves to rebuild. We have sold a flush and embryos out of this female to Cyclone Trace
18. BB MISS VISION-ROAN-MAY 10, 2003, 4075706
Sire: Double Vision
Dam: BB Miss Equity
THC. This female was the Res. Supreme Female at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show and stood second in her class at Louisville. If her 2007 heifer is any indication of what is to come she will be fun to own.
19. CIC Rose 2
Sire: Studley
Dam: Milvale Rose  



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Jul 4, 2007
i would be interested. can i get some pics and the price of the herd. location??


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May 6, 2007
We are located about 20 minutes north of Manhattan in NE Kansas. I will have pics and cow info posted tommorow. Please e-mail me for prices.


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May 6, 2007
Here are some pics I can email more if needed.


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Mar 6, 2007
That is an impressive list of females.  If we weren't doing the same thing as you, I would be very interested in the bunch of them. But, alas, it is time for us to restart our herd as well.  Whoever buys them  will have a heck of a herd.