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Feb 7, 2007
Hollister, CA
what will obama do about this when he is president?


the guy who wrote the hotornot (wrong, my edit)website used to work for me and made the site when he was a sophomore in college.  small world
clarification, he used facebook and posted on hotornot to generate some discussion.
Puri and Scima used Facebook, the online college directory, to select 35 pictures of female students from each of the 10 schools’ graduating class of 2008. The women’s photos were then posted on for the Internet public to judge their attractiveness on a scale of 1 (Not) to 10 (Hot). After each photograph was rated at least 300 times, the photos were taken off the site and calculations were made. According to, "scores do not tend to change much after as few as 30 to 50 votes."

amazing how a kid can get so much attention from the stupid mainstream media.

btw, he's studying at argonne national labs studying physics, organic chemistry, etc and is interested in immunology.

he's kinda nerdy and gangly, was on the rowing team, went to scripps institute this past summer for an intership.

very smart dude.  he got a 7.9 on the hotornot site.  yes, he does have a girlfriend.


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