Pictures: Thought I'd share the Joy of Children at Christmas!

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Jan 30, 2007
Shelby, NE
I have 3 boys and it's sure fun to see their joy at Christmas especially when their interests are same as Dad's. Cattle and the outdoors.  Grant(8), Gavin(4) & Grady(3). Pictures 1 & 2: My wife's Parents had a friend help  build them a barn for the boys.  It is very cool and the boys love it.  3 sets of double doors on the bottom, 2 on hinges and one set is sliding.  Hayloft door has a glazed picture of a bull out of the Show Circuit.  The top of the roof hinges to give them access to the inside.  The roof is the coolest, the shingles were cut and glued individually to give it the real look!

2nd picture is with Gavin & Grady and their favorite Johnny Green Boots.  3rd is Grant with his favorite gift, cow hair belt.  He is just starting to show cattle and has wanted one for a while now to look the part in the ring!

Merry Christmas!

P.S.  Would love to see others share the joy(PICTURES)  of Christmas!


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