Spring bred Shorthorn heifers with sexed pregnancies

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Ruebush Shorthorns

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Jan 8, 2008
I have some heifers for sale that were AI'd for March calves for this spring.  They will be preg checked on AUGUST 14th and also will have sex of the calves available at this time. Below is a listing of the heifers info and what they were AI'd to. Of course their is a chance that some of them did not take, but we woould like to have a list of potential buyers that would like to hear the info on calves when we check them. Four are registered shorthorns and the other is a crossbred that is shorthorn marked or red maine marked in some eyes.
Heifers are out of the following breedings and are pictured left to right in the order below with the crossbred by herslef in the last photo
1-FSF Cornerstone X Waukaru Kiss 610. She is an ET Heifer Reg #*x4136965. She won her class at VA Beef Expo and AI'd to Okie Dokie
1- Little Cedar Aviator X MAV Phebee Reg # *x4131127 bred to Majors Money Man for a shorthorn plus calf. She was raised by Vogel Shorthorns
1- Out of Kaidoh Bluetooth bred to Okie Dokie
1- Out of our Double Down Son bred to Okie Dokie
1 crossbred Cunia Son X Dr.Hook bred to Majors Money Man
Contact me at [email protected] for more info and we will send out a mass email to anyone interested the evening of the 14th with calf sexes. They have been fed throughout summer and are in great condition.
Here are a couple group pics of them.


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