Stock Show Kindness

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Aug 18, 2011
Saskatchewan, Canada
The world is a bit of a crazy place right now so I thought it was a good time to start a thread about random acts of stock show kindness. Below are two of my stories, be sure to share your own!

This past year at the Manitoba Ag Ex we had four females in the grand drive and were waiting outside because it was quite warm in the barns. We were pretty far from our stall and the rest of our crew was getting bull calves ready so when a huge gust of wind came up and covered all of our heifers in dust and shavings we were about to go into panic mode. At the perfect time an Angus breeder I had never met said "Come with me!", marched over to someone else's stall, borrowed their blower and carefully blew out our females! He didn't have anything to gain from it but he sure made our day!!

One year at Agribition I was leading two heifer calves to tie outs and until then we hadn't realized that one was just coming into heat. I got separated from the rest of our crew and was really struggling to keep the heifers from jumping each other. A breeder I didn't know very well at the time took one heifer from me and I assumed she was just going to tie her up so I could wait for the rest of our crew to come back and help me. Instead she said "I'll follow you" and led the heifer all the way to tie outs. Keep in mind that this was back when they were really far away and it was -25 Celsius with wind on a good day!

Let's hear your feel good stories!