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Oct 5, 2017
    I have been pretty quiet on this subject here lately. The Great Frederick unFair board has decided to tell the 4-H in January 2021 that the fair wants control of the livestock shows, the 4-H/ FFA sale, and recently they want the Cake Auction, events that have always been put on by the 4-H for 59 years. The unFair tells us this after the kids have already bought there steers for this year. The unFair did not care about the buildings where the kids display their home goods. So, everything that deals with money is all they were worried about. In years past the 4-H/FFA livestock auction has recorded over $500,000 for the past couple years. The Cake auction usually pulls $25000-$30000 that goes back to the program for the next year. The UnFair wants the publicity out these events. They want to have their name in the paper that The unFair brought in this amount of money. The UnFair keeps saying that it's for the kids. The unFair says there is no commission for the youth livestock show, unlike the 4-H having a 4.5% commission. Little does the unFair tell you, the reasons for the 4-H commission. The unFair charges the 4-H $6500 for the passes that the kids and buyers need to enter the gates. The food that is provided by the catering company during sale night is not free or donated, so there is cost for that also. Now the unFair raves that there will be no commission for the kids to sell at the livestock auction this year. This is because there is no food for the buyers. They own the passes that are given out. They could give away 10,000 and it wouldn't cost the unFair anymore than paper and ink.