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James Banks

Dec 16, 2023
On August the 25th 2023.My herford was able to birth 3 caves. First 2 seemed to be twins (black/white face) #1 was a heifer and #2 a bull. #3 was (brown/red) heifer. The #2 bull's hoofs were turned in but the vet fixed them with braces. Because the bull could not stand I have bottle fed him from birth. The other 2 are fine. They all 3 made the cover page of the Lampasas Dispath Record. The Vet Dr. McBride has continued to give me directions. Kind of worried about bringing him back to the field and the mom herford hurting him. On Cristmas the triplets will be 4 months old. Any suggestions on my next steps would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all. The bull was an Angus.