What did you do today?

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Feb 10, 2007
Parsons Kansas
What did you guys do today on President's Day?  Now I didn't get it off because it was a holiday but because it was staff development day and that day isn't included in my contract, just so happens it fell on a holiday! (clapping) 

Well, I made a ton of halters and goat collars this morning.  Boxed them to get them ready to ship out  tomorrow and then since it is soooooo beautiful here today.  I took a walk in the pasture...

... the ponies were all napping, the chickens were dusting and then our wild brahma's were  napping next to the spring.  So I decided to sit with them in the pasture and scratch them.  I had powercat our big bull asleep and snoring so I called my husband and he didn't believe me, then he heard him and started laughing.  That's how hard he was snoring.  They're kind of spoiled cattle, the vet calls them pets, my husband says they're pests!  I say their accostomed...

... to me!!  ;D  (they know who feeds them AND buys the feed!)

This is the first beautiful day we've had in over 5 weeks!  The very last of our ice is melting and boy am I glad!  Little bits of fescue are starting to pop up and my jonquils are about two inches tall!  Maybe the groundhog really was right! 

Hope it is warm wherever you all are! Hope you have a great day!


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Jan 20, 2007
LaRue, Ohio
brahmergirl  send the thaw our way! We got up to 35 today, major heat wave after the last couple of weeks but lots of snow on the ground.
My day wasn't nearly as productive as yours. I did get another entry in my blog. I didn't feel the greatest today, so had to take it a little careful. I got out to work w/ my red heifer. She is still losing hair but it's not raw like it was. I combed her out & got out the old loose stuff. Then stuck her under the fans. Hoping tomorrow the snow melts enough so I can wash her.
I envy you being able to go out & sit outside! I enjoy doing that too. I'm already looking at seed & plant catlogs, dreaming of spring!

Red (clapping)