What to feed a bull

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Mar 31, 2018
I just purchased a bull 14  months old 1,200  pounds.  I want to add mass as quickly as possible. I am low on hay. I only have stripped dry alfalfa rfv maybe 120 , haygrazer.  And can buy finisher or steamed or cracked corn. I don’t want to blow his feet out. I know the alfalfa will  add weight quick but I am worried about long funky hooves. Any suggestions?


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Mar 13, 2008
Here is a bull ration that we have used that is not real hot but will add weight. Bull Development Ration Targeting 2.5 Lb Gain/Day When Fed at 1.5% of Animal Body Weight for a Projected Bull Mature Weight of 1,800 Lb
* A complete mineral containing 12% calcium and 4% to 6% phosphorus should be fed free-choice with an expected consumption rate of 4 oz per head per day.

Ingredients % in mix, as fed
Cracked corn 25
Dried distiller grains 25
Soybean hulls 50
Complete mineral* Free-choice